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Energy Psychotherapy - A new way of working with trauma

Psychotherapist offering new psychotherapy approaches known as Energy Psychotherapy within easy reach of Swindon, Cirencester and Oxford

Energy Psychotherapy combines modern psychotherapy with ancient knowledge of the ways in energy operates within the body.

The basic principle underpinning these new methods is that trauma is encoded within the body’s energy field, and that the negative effects of trauma can be gently cleared by activating the energy system.

Although these ways of working may sound initially strange, I find that clients very quickly get used to including the body and the energy system,especially when they experience immediate relief and release from mental and even physical pain.

Trauma includes not only single traumatic episodes such as an assault but also common experiences such as bullying, abusive relationships or any wounding experience which continues to have an adverse effect in the present.

AIT(www.aitherapy.org/) TAT (tatlife .com) and PEP (philmollon.co.uk) and TFT (thoughtfieldtherapy.co.uk are the main branches in which I have trained.

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There is now a growing body of evidence which demonstrates the effectiveness of energy psychology methods in alleviating traumas, anxiety states, phobias and distressing memories.

My article below gives a fuller account of the history and practice of energy psychotherapy.

Energy Psychotherapy in Swindon, Wiltshire and the South West

Energy Psychotherapy. EP article
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